George Galloway's gal kisses & tells: Muslim backers give him platform to bash Israel, which fame he exploits to lure their daughters into haraam sex

Former Parliamentarian, George Galloway is the favorite Anglo mouthpiece of the global Islamist movement.  His Crusader-battle roots against formerly Muslim-ruled Jerusalem were called into question by Rabbi Moshe Parry, at Mr. Galloway's anti-Zionistic address on behalf of the Muslim Students Union at Univ of California, Irvine, chronicled by DemoCast in May, 2009.

The woman in the clip, Roxana Shirazi, is of Iranian heritage. Her family was actively involved in British "Respect" political activities. She contends a sexual relationship initiated by George Galloway- in violation of Islamic law and mores. She reveals his sex-tools and fetishes- including watching 10 black men gang-bang her. She alleges that he knocked-her up and paid for her to abort the fetus. Ms. Shirazi appeared on the Talk Sport radio show. Mr. Galloway made numerous sexual comments towards her during this broadcast. The evidence is up on YouTube.

Video courtesy Jovan Lipovatz

Some people do not believe her claim that George Galloway had pictures of Saddam Hussein in his house. George Galloway actually conducted an interview in his own home in the early-1990s. The footage from that interview shows that his house was decked out with images of the infamous dictator. This corroborates her story further.

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