In the wake of Boston bombings, Israeli Film Festival reminds America of the shared need to defend against global jihad

The 27th annual Israel Film Festival opened with a salute to former head of Paramount Pictures, Sherry Lansing and legendary actor Martin Landau.

Pictured are actors Steven Dorff, Lanie Kazan, Martin Landau, Stacy Keach, producer Sherry Lansing, Festival director Meir Fenigstein, and Israeli-American producer Avi Lerner.

Israeli Deputy Consul General to Los Angeles, Uri Resnick, introduced honoree legendary lady producer, Sherry Lansing, at this Israel Film Festival.

Producer Ms. Lansing spoke about Jewish culture in cinema, the critical Israeli eye in film, and Israel productions spawning American copies of In Treatment by HBO and Homeland by Showtime.

Dr. Resnick spoke in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing at the Israel Film Festival.

Dr. Uri Resnick made aliyah from Ottawa, Canada in 1988. He joined Israel's Foreign Service in 2002, having served as Deputy Head of Mission at Israel's embassies in Dakar, Senegal (2003-2005) and Sofia, Bulgaria (2005-2008). He has also served as Deputy Director of the Department for UN Political Affairs (2008-2010) at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has participated in several Foreign Ministry Delegations to the United Nations General Assembly. He served in the IDF (1990-1993) in an infantry reconnaissance unit. Dr. Resnick speaks Hebrew, English and French.

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