Middle East facts out-reason left-wing, anti-Zionists at American-Israel Policy Conference in D.C.

Original videos filmed around AIPAC Policy Conference reveal competing perceptions, agendas, on US Mid-East policy.  

Anti-Zionist demonstrators slandered Israel and US Mid-East policy outside of AIPAC Policy Conference at the Washington Convention Center in early March.  Their oversimplified platitudes were contradicted by the Conference's reasoned analysis of Mid-East realities and the Obama Administration's Mid-East policies.

Watch hand-filmed excerpts from the event on DemoCast's playlist: 

AIPAC attendees challenge Code-Pink and Occupy AIPAC demonstrators;

Israeli U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren speaks with CNN's Frank Sesno;

U.S. policy advisors Dennis Ross and Elliot Abrams speak with CNN's Frank Sesno;

Mid-east policy roundtable with analysts Robert Satloff, Greg Stephens (of the Wall St. Journal), and Israeli analyst Amos Harel;

U.S. Medal of Honor recipients Lt. Col. Hon. Alfred Rascon and Sgt. Major Ken Stumpf share their experience of the Israel Defense Forces following their recent visit to Israel.

(Advance through playlist with lower center buttons).

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