Iran nuclear refinery tests West's mettle- blows up in their faces- trapping many- including North Korean accomplices

Approximately 200 people trapped underground by fears of radiation 

World Net Daily, the first publication to report on Reza Kahlili's revelations regarding the debilitating explosion at Fordow, today reports: "Despite severe international pressure and sanctions, Iran had refused to halt the 20 percent uranium enrichment process at Fordow. It takes only weeks to further enrich the stock at the 20 percent level to weaponization grade for a nuclear bomb.

Radio host John Batchelor - following on-air conversation with ex-Iranian Revolutionary Guard agent for the CIA, Reza Kahlili, reports on his site and in on-air interview on CNBC's The Kudlow Report:

Reza Kahlili reported Friday 25 Jan that there had been an underground 
explosion at the secret Fordo nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. The details included the closure of a major roadway nearby following the event. The report also mentioned many technicians trapped underground, perhaps more than 200. Reza Kahlili and I then discussed the report earlier in the week of an emergency meeting in Ahmadinejad's office in Tehran. We reported on Wednesday evening 23 January that the meeting in Tehran was in anticipation of a covert operation by Israel or the US at Iranian nuke facilities. But then on Friday we reasoned that perhaps the meeting on Tuesday was to assess the damage of the explosion. We spoke at length at approximately 18:40 of the Friday 25 January podcast.

Am told the explosion was so catastrophic that the underground cavities have collapsed and that the rescuers believe there is radiation contamination throughout the facility, all three levels. Am told that the explosion was timed on Monday morning 21 January Tehran time while a delegation of North Korean military men were visiting the facility. Am told that Israel is anticipating a retaliatory strike along its northern border. The event at Fordo is profound and may well change the calculus of the United Nations Security Council in negotiation with Tehran.
Video from CNBC:

Reza Kahlili continues in WND:  Iranian authorities fear that opening the site from the outside in a rescue mission could possibly release radiation and uranium gas or cause further explosions, which could contaminate thousands of people living nearby, the source said. 
As of Monday, the regime had not come up with any concrete rescue plan, though more than 200 people remain trapped, including the North Koreans, he said. He added that an agreement reached last September between North Korea and Iran called for further collaboration on Iran’s nuclear bomb project and the arming of missiles with nuclear warheads.
Another source in the Intelligence Ministry said that in a meeting 
Monday among top officials, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it was decided that the international community would be kept in the dark about the disaster because any validation would undermine their current negotiating power with the 5+1 world powers.
It would also undermine the regime from within should Iranians react to its illicit nuclear activity and the international sanctions it caused, which are being felt deeply.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/new-details-surface-on-iran-nuclear-explosion/#zML2uWpMUVdWwt1w.99

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