'Israeli prisoner swap may be prelude to attack on Iran'- Washington Times from Jerusalem

Is Netanyahu manuevering to attack Iran?
(Photo: Globalhood news)
The Washington Times has published an analysis by Abraham Rabinovich from Jerusalem which theorizes that that Israel's prisoner swap of Gilad Shalit for 1,027 sentenced terrorists may be prelude to attack on Iran.
JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to execute a 1,000-for-1 prisoner exchange last week despite his frequently voiced opposition to such lopsided deals is seen by several Israeli military commentators as an effort to “clear the deck” before possibly undertaking an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. 
Amir Oren, the veteran military analyst for Ha'aretz newspaper, took note of Israel’s exchanging 1,027 Palestinian convicts for army Staff Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who had been captured by Hamas in 2006. Mr. Oren wrote that the price paid by Mr. Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak “can be interpreted only in a context that goes beyond that of the Gilad Schalit deal.” 
He noted that Israeli leaders in the past have shown a readiness to absorb “a small loss” in order to attain a greater success, generally involving “some sort of military adventure.”
Mr. Oren offered another insight that he says may point Mr. Netanyahu toward military action against Iran. 
Although the prime minister failed to make any enduring mark on history during his previous term or so far during his present term, Mr. Netanyahu may see Iran as an opportunity to achieve his Churchillian moment, Mr. Oren wrote. “The day is not far off, Netanyahu believes, when Churchill will emerge from him.”

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  1. The Iranian government must be attacked by Persians who oppose the current leadership. These haters have caused so much blood shed that if given half a chance, will turn like a vicous dog on any group. The need for boots on the ground in support and supply of opposition forces cannot be over emphasized. In a coordinated attack in the air, sea, and land they will crumble quickly providing we are a strong support for those willing to die to free their country of these tyrants.