Dearborn counter-Sharia rally by Pastor Terry Jones, Rabbi Shifren exposes Muslim bigotry, police complicity

Pastor Terry Jones held a rally outside of Dearborn City Hall June 17, 2011. Pastor Wayne Sapp and Rabbi Nachum Shifren accompanied him with speeches. They attracted a small group of (mostly older) supporters, were outnumbered and outshouted by many an opposotion of Muslim Dearbornites and the Detroit-based minorities' rights group, By Any Means Necessary (B.A.M.N.). National Coordinator, Donna Stern, likened Terry Jones to the KKK and his group "Stand Up for America" to Germany's National Socialists. Her mainly-black group participated with the Muslims in hurling racial epithets against Rabbi Nachum Shifren and Christian, Pastor Jones.

Eric Jones, a Zionistic Christian who publishes the website Bonhoeffer's Dream, came out in support of Stand Up for America.  He decried the anti-Judeo-Christian enmity he feels from Dearborn and carried signs "Be a Bonhoeffer"- referring to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran Pastor who stood-up against anti-Semitism in the Lutheran movement, and participated in the Resistance Movement against the Nazi Party.

Pastor Jones attempted to walk from City Hall to the Arab-American Fair being held a few blocks away, but the Dearborn Police did not provide him ample protection and hecklers impeded his movement. He would have been lynched if he had not been extricated at the last minute.

Black conservative activist, Phil Stargell, expressed disgust by the lack of police protection afforded Pastor Jones.  He alleged that the Dearborn Police were politically biased in favor of the Muslim mob against Jones' rally - and called upon Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Muslim anti-Christian influence in the Dearborn Police.

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