African-American activist declares that America's racial-voting experiment has failed; Encourages return to voting on candidate's character, issues

African-American activist, Les Jordan, solicits support for L.A.'s Calif. State Senate Candidate Nahum Shifren- a white, urban-activist running against an incumbent, African-American liberal, Curren Price. Les Jordan accuses blacks of playing racial politics against whites to derail criticism of Obama's Administration. Mr. Jordan feels Pres. Obama is supporting illegal Hispanic immigrants as potential voters - to the detriment of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

Les Jordan, America's Black Shield activist and blog-moderator, absolves non-black critics of Pres. Obama (and the Congressional Black Caucus) from fear of guilt of racism in this fascinating, in-depth discussion. Mr. Jordan reveals unethical black-racism against whites and blacks dissatisfied with Obama as president. He exposes the Nation of Islam as a mafia and poses uncomfortable questions about their ties with Obama and their critics. Read Mr. Jordan's blog-posts on America's Black Shield's blog.

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