Hollywood rabbi blares clarion-call to awaken Hollywood Dems against enabling Obama's deleterious policies

Lone Rabbi warns Hollywood illusion-makers against being seduced by Obama's spell and their mutual narcissism.

Pres. Barack Obama was greeted upon arrival in L.A. with a shofar (ram's horn) blare from Orthodox Rabbi Moshe Parry of L.A. The chilling blare was intended to be a Jewish alarm-clock awakening for the President, his gathering donors (many of whom are Jewish in the entertainment-industry) who gather to fete and fund him, and for you, the viewer - as to the misguidedness of Obama's Adminstration's pandering to Islamism - especially at the peril of the safety of America's Mid-East ally, Israel, against a pan-Islamic enemy, and the threats which a state of Palestine would pose to Israel, its pilgrim Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and emboldening the global Jihad against the West.

Journalist, Alan Caruba, expounds on the question of "Why are Liberals Blind to the Evil in the World?" in today's Canada Free Press:
Why do so many Jews, located primarily in New York City, Los Angeles, and in Florida, mindlessly vote the Democrat Party line and thus support the Democrat destruction of the nation remains a mystery to me, but the same can be also said of Afro-Americans. Perhaps it is because both share a history of persecution and both are drawn to any message of hope and change.

Politically, however, too many Jews who are seen as shapers of public opinion often appear to be blind to evil in the world. They cannot seem to recognize those who would kill them and their fellow countrymen. Unfairly, we expect Jews to be more moral, more just, more resistant to evil, but they are just like the rest of us, easily seduced by power, fearful of rejection.

It is a familiar liberal failing to refuse to recognize evil, to name it, and to denounce it.
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