What CAIR worked to prevent Sinai Temple from showing you: ACT for America's counterjihadist founder, Brigitte Gabriel

Founder of ACT for America and American Congress for Truth, Brigitte Gabriel, appeared last night at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.  The L.A. office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) launched a defamation campaign to discredit Ms. Gabriel in an attempt to influence Sinai Temple to pre-empt her appearance.  ACT for America has several regional, grassroots groups in Southern California and many members attended.  The audience was vociferously concerned about encroaching Islamist influence throughout the world. The half-Christian, half- Jewish audience was united in their view that Islamic imperialism is a motivating factor behind the threats to Israel's safety, and violence to spread Islamic influence over the West.  Much of CAIR's opposition to Ms. Gabriel was on allegations of Islamophobia.  

Democracy Broadcasting News filmed exclusive video on-scene. Watch it here and see whether you find Ms. Gabriel's appearance informative or objectionable - and please leave your Comments below. Ms. Gabriel was introduced by Consul General of Los Angeles' Israeli Consulate, Mr. Jacob Dayan.