Prof. Martin Sherman: Save Palestinians from perpetual exploitation by Arab enemies of Israel; a humanitarian solution

'Reframe the Palestinian issue in humanitarian, rather than political terms," reasons Tel Aviv University Prof. Martin Sherman. He shows Palestinian leaders admitting their fabricated 'identity' is only a tactic in an Islamist crusade to reconquer Israel & re-dominate the world. 

In this video presentation, Prof. Sherman lays out the case that Arabs perpetuate the 62-year old "Palestinian-refugee" cause (and reject repeated Israeli offers for statehood) mainly to increase Islamist political capital around the world. 

Arab and Palestinian corrupt politicians, he demonstrates, created, exploit, and perpetuate refugee sufferage (which could have been resolved any day during the past 6 decades ago) - and Prof. Sherman proposes a humanitarian and pragmatic solution for the situation immediately. 

This approach takes into consideration the best interests of the Arab-rejected Palestinian refugees, the Arab-rejected Gaza Arabs, the intolerant West Bank Arabs, and the peace-seeking Israelis.

Presented by Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Los Angeles - Cjhsla.Org.