Islamist-reformer's expert advice: For peace in Mid-East - first defeat Islamist Iran

Neutralizing the mullah regime in the Islamic Republic is pivotal to any peace negotiations in the Middle East, not the other way around, says Dr. Tawfik Hamid in the Jerusalem Post.

Call to name and shame
This week, two Iranian sisters, Zohreh and Azar Kabiri, ages 27 and 28, respectively, were sentenced to death by stoning in Karaj, 40 km west of Tehran. It is their second sentencing: They've already received 99 lashes each at the hands of their government for the crime of "illegal relations," in a trial conducted without a defense attorney. The court decided to try them again for the same crime, now finding that they were guilty of actual "adultery" - an offense punishable by death in Iran.