Survivors and PM Netanyahu mark Auschwitz death camp 65th anniversary of liberation by Soviet Army

Commemorating the icon of how Europe's Nazi's and Fascists exploited Christian anti-Semitism for their political power.

(ABC Australia Video)

(AP Video)

A remarkable documentary resource exploring the phenomenon of WWII concentration camps, particularly Auschwitz, should be viewed on DaMoosebelly's Channel on YouTube

This BBC-aired video is the sixth and final volume of "Auschwitz- The Nazis and the Final Solution" in a series that examines the Auschwitz death camp from conception to implementation of the "final solution" which resulted in the execution of over 1,100,000 people. This portion gives an overview of the further atrocities suffered at the hands of Soviet "liberators" as well as some people who took justice into their own hands. Also touched on is the appalling failure of the Allies to prosecute some of the worst war criminals...and even help some of them evade prosecution

Atlas Shrugs has an interesting article about the recently discovered Auschwitz blueprints (allegedly hidden by Amin al-Husseini- Hitler's Mufti) and the Mufti's importing Nazi ideology and techniques for demonizing and annihilating of Jews (as a power-technique) into the Muslim world.