DemoCast exclusive video: Holocaust-expert Goldhagen deconstructs genocide for Tolerance audience; Are Islamists implementing Nazi techniques in quest against Israel & Zionists?

Political-scientist Daniel Goldhagen discusses how humans people are moved to commit genocide against others. He discusses his current book, "Worse than War," and screens a preview from the documentary he produced with Mike DeWitt - which aired on PBS in April, 2010 during National Holocaust Remembrance Week. You can watch "Worse than War" online here.

In this exclusive interview the genocide-studies expert, Prof. Goldhagen (author of "Worse than War") is asked whether Arab, Iranian, & Muslim societies' demonizing Israel is a warning sign of for a potential genocide against Zionists?

Prof. Goldhagen, the author of the renowned "Hitler's Willing Executioners" appeared on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the notorious Kristallnacht (Night of Breaking Glass - considered the inauguration of Germany's government-sanctioned violence against Jews and Jewish symbols). The ceremony was organized and held at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's  Museum of Tolerance.