Recognizing the renewed Crusade to conquer the infidel world - should be familiar to anyone raised studying history from the American perspective

Libyan Pres. Moammar Khadafi has persuaded the U.K. to release the Libyan Pan Am Flight #103 bombing convict on the testimony of non-specialist physicians (to the dismay of the families of 270 victims, 189 of them American). U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama is reported to be announcing an Arab-instigated initiative at the September convening of the United Nations which will compel the Jewish state of Israel to sacrifice strategically vulnerable territory to form a hostile, Islamist state of Palestine. Libyan Pres. Khadafi intends to attend - setting-up his Beduin tent in the midst of a partly Jewish, New Jersey community (against the cautioning of U.S. authorities) to send a statement to the world.

Students of history will recognize that the Jihad which confronts the West is a religio-cultural imperative. It is a continuation of the centuries-old Crusades by Muslims against Christians and Jews. Muslim pirates from the four Barbary States - Tripoli, Morocco, Tunis, and Algiers - plundered ships carrying Crusaders and pilgrims to Jerusalem before 1295 (and sold many Christians into slavery in North Africa).

Some history of the Barbary Wars, according to Global Security.org:
In May, 1801, the United States refused to succumb to the increasing demands of the Pacha of Tripoli; in return, the Pacha declared war against the States. While Tripoli was not a strong power and little effort was necessary to watch and blockade it, the fear was that the other Barbary powers would join against the United States. The United States sent naval squadrons into the Mediterranean under the slogan of "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!"

In 1805 Marines stormed the Barbary pirates' harbor fortress stronghold of Derna (Tripoli), commemorated in the Marine Corp Hymn invocation "To the Shores of Tripoli."
American Tea Party-er, Miss Olga celebrated Independence Day by recognizing that the same, religiously motivated Jihadism which sold American Pilgrims into slavery off the Barbary Coast motivating the U.S. to form its Navy, still aims to weaken the infidel world and conquer it under Muslim domination.

The original lyrics to Francis Scott Key's 1805 national anthem were a tribute to the Navy and Marines victory over the Barbary pirates. The lyrics include the following:
And pale beamed the Crescent, its splendor obscured
By the light of the Star Spangled flag of our nation.
Where each radiant star gleamed a meteor of war,
And the turbaned heads bowed to its terrible glare.
Francis Scott Key depicts the conflict as between the Muslim flag of Tripoli (with its crescent, now obscured) and the 'star-spangled' American flag -- standing for a new, rising power, and an altogether different system overcoming and surpassing the old. And of course, this is the source of the imagery and language for the Star-Spangled Banner. Prof. Michael Oren, author of "America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present" (later appointed to serve as Israel's Ambassador to the US) addressed this in his speech (exclusive video on DemoCast).

According to Islamic culture, any peace treaty between Muslims and infidels is only temporary - a respite to be used until the Muslims can gain enough strength to defeat and conquer the infidels.