Leftist "human-rights" activists ignore Islamists to taunt AIPAC conventioneers with Hamas propaganda

Leftist "peace-rally" leader toying with 2009 AIPAC Policy Conference delegates reveals leftists' obsessive enmity - exclusively against Israel. They parrot Hamas' libelous, Israel-damning statistics about Operation Cast Lead, which have been proven false.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit tells DemoCast: During Operation Cast Lead, 1,166 Palestinians were killed during Cast Lead, 709 of whom were Hamas operatives. 162 additional men between the ages of 15-50 whose affiliations were not identified. Only 295 non-combatants died, among them just 89 under the age of 16 and 49 women.

It is important to remember that Hamas regularly recruits youth from as young as 12 years of age to engage in terrorist activities, especially young boys. And that young men are routinely used to operate smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza – the primary means of bringing weapons into Gaza.

Leftist "peace" advocates selectively protest safety for Jews against Jihadists.

During Cast Lead, the IDF targeted sites that were used for terror purposes. Mosques, schools, hospitals and the roughly 1,800 UN sites located inside of the Gaza strip were all designated on IDF maps. Roughly a dozen mosques were targeted by the IDF over the course of the operation, they were targeted because intelligence information indicated that they were used for terror purposes, either for storing weapons, or as rocket launching sites.

Hamas regularly exploits civilians and civilian infrastructure (be it schools, hospitals, public buildings, zoos or religious sites), choosing to turn residential neighborhoods into urban battlegrounds, in order to provide cover for their terrorist activities. They often shoot rockets from sites adjacent to such buildings, or use these places to store weapons, or hide, in order to complicate the fighting and exploit the IDF's reluctance to damage civilian or religious infrastructure.