Christians United for Israel demonstrate support in Washington; welcomed by Sen Joe Lieberman, Israel's UN Amb. Dan Gillerman

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Israel's outgoing UN Amb. Dan Gillerman join Pastor John Hagee in addressing Christians United for Israel
Christians United for Israel, (CUFI) hosted their third annual Israel/Washington, D.C. Summit this week, which proved to be the largest and most successful CUFI summit yet, with over 5,000 supporters rallying together to voice their Biblical support of Israel and share their views with members of Congress. The conference was an enormous success, capping a year of exceptional growth and demonstrating CUFI's rapid rise to become what many are calling the leading Christian grassroots organization in America.

The main event of the conference, the annual "Night to Honor Israel" banquet, featured Senator Joseph Lieberman, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations: Dan Gillerman and Pastor John Hagee. Hagee welcomed the over 5,000 supporters and emphasized the increased strength of Christians United for Israel. Hagee also acknowledged the attendance of Catholic League leader, Bill Donohue, who received a warm welcome from participants.

Perhaps the most anticipated speaker of the evening was Senator Lieberman, who addressed CUFI members and reiterated his support for Israel and Hagee’s work with CUFI.

Watch DemoCast's on-scene video of Amb. Gillerman, Pastor Hagee, and Sen Lieberman's speeches.

The summit also offered a variety of Middle East seminars and intelligence briefings, featuring influential speakers such as Gary Bauer, Congressmen Elliot Engel and Mike Pence, and William Kristol of The Weekly Standard. The CUFI summit culminated with a true show of democracy when thousands of attendees met with their elected officials in order to affirm their support for Israel.

Ron Kampeas has more on JTA in "Hagee, backed by Lieberman, strikes defiant note at D.C. parley."
Lieberman described an amendment he sponsored last year declaring Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group as a "no-brainer" that drew the votes of 76 senators. U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, opposed the amendment.

Lieberman, whose approval rate in Connecticut and among Jews is plummeting, clearly enjoyed the moment. He loved CUFI, he said, because "I can go back to scripture more than with many other groups -- frankly, including many Jewish groups."

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