Video: Caroline Glick speaks about the Jihad, Israel, and the West's policy folly

How is the US administration's strategy to seek establishment of a Palestinian state damaging to the integrity of the world?

The West's push to reward the Jihadist movement in Gaza and the West Bank with sovereignty is antithetical to the goals of defeating global Jihad, cautions deputy managing-editor of The Jerusalem Post, Ms. Caroline Glick, in this exclusive video interview with DemoCast TV.

The nature of the West's guaranteeing Israel's security against Islamic imperialism is a litmus test for the world to gauge the West's preparedness to defend the world from Jihad, she believes. It's also a litmus test to encourage or discourage support for the cause of the global Jihad.

Ms. Glick questions the 'conventional wisdom' currently guiding the West, i.e, to pressure Israel to surrender legal Jewish communities surrounding holy Jewish lands in the West Bank- in order to establish a hostile state of the global Jihad (dedicated to subjugating non-Muslims through violence and conquest). Palestine evidences its unworthiness, she states, by Hamas's custodianship of Gaza - utilized not wage peace, but to wage a 2-year, missile war against Israeli cities and towns.

Ms. Glick is the Senior Middle East Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and is one of several co-authors of the Center’s latest book, "War Footing." She has been a senior researcher at the IDF’s Operational Theory Research Institute (which as Israel’s Defense establishment’s most prestigious think tank is roughly equivalent to the US’s Rand Corporation). She has also worked as an adjunct lecturer in tactical warfare at the IDF’s Command and Staff College.

In 2003, Glick was named "The Most Prominent Woman in Israel" by the Israeli newspaper, Maariv.

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  1. Ms. Glick's column of today, "The Audacity of Truth," addresses some less-known aspects of some US Presidential candidates which (2-weeks before Super Tuesday) are relevant to know.

    For instance, learn how Barack Obama's spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., Wright "has called for divestment from Israel and refers to Israel as a "racist" state. Theologically, Wright believes that the true "Chosen People" are the blacks. Indeed, he is a black supremacist. He believes that black values are superior to middle class American values and that blacks should isolate themselves from the wider American society. {...}

    UNFORTUNATELY, in the anti-war frenzy now gripping much of the Democratic Party, one could say that there is nothing notable about the fact that Obama has hired anti-Israel foreign policy advisors, attends an anti-Israel church, and receives financial backing from anti-Israel billionaires. But even in this atmosphere Obama stands out - for not only does he theoretically support appeasement, he is actively advancing the interests of Islamists seeking to take control over a state allied with the US."

    Please read the article in entirety. You may access CarolineGlick.com from the link section in the right column of this site.