"Israel won't be west's Czechoslovakia!" Israeli leader, Arye Eldad, derides U.S. resolve to protect world from apocalyptic Iran's nukes

Israel's leaders have recognized a change in US Middle East policy. Israel, facing huge weaponry sales to Arab enemies of Israel and pressure to concede further Jewish communities toward establishing an enemy Islamist state alongside its heart, Israel calls for the reasonable people of the world's sanity and unity.

Embodying the call of "Never Again," Israeli Parliamentarian, Dr. Arye Eldad, cautions that U.N. members' (including the US') abandonment to thwart Iran's nuclear weapons program is forcing Israel into a nuclear-confrontation in an exclusive video interview with DemoCast.TV.

Dr. Eldad cautions the West not to sacrifice Israel into a existential war against the Islamic world to justify an Allied retaliatory attack against Iran. If the U.S. won't pre-empt Iran from producing nukes to terrorize the world, don't complain after you force Israel to pre-empt them. Dr. Eldad emphasizes "There is no chance in the world that Israel will be willing to live under nuclear Iranian threat!"

Dr. Eldad echoes Ariel Sharon's warning, 'Israel will not be another sacrificial Czechoslovakia for the West.' That didn't appease imperialist Fascism then, neither will it now.

He calls upon Americans to urge Washington to handle Iran pre-emptively by whatever means necessary.

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