Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Lobbies Washington to Support Ally, Israel, Against Islamist Imperialism

The 2nd annual, "Christians United for Israel" convention was held in Washington D.C. Convention Center. The minions set upon Capitol Hill on Wednesday calling to stop undermining the security of the people of Israel in hopes of achieving political and financial advantage with global Jihadists.

Watch webcast of event (speeches begins :30 min into 3-hour DaystarTV program).

Our correspondent, Jill von Rothe, reports from the Summit's "Night to Honor Israel":

Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor called for international action to preclude Iran from nuclear armaments. He said, "We must end this nightmare. We must end the madness. We must make it clear to the Iranians that all options are on the table and that there is no way they will be allowed to hold nuclear weapons."

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu called for the world to unite against the Islamist disease plaguing the world.

CUFI Exec Director, David Brog, spoke about the purpose of American power, and America's historical recognition of the Jewish nation 11-minutes after it declared statehood. He referred to Pastor John Hagee as a political, as well as spiritual leader in America.

Pastor Hagee cited significant reasons we stand with Israel. He called for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem promptly. He also called for the political and spiritual significance of keeping Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty, on its 40-year anniversary of reunification.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave the most compelling political presentation of the evening. Gingrich pointed out the United States and western civilization are in a global conflict with radical Islam, and must choose between victory and surrender.

Gingrich charged that instead of fighting to win, President Bush is now only pursuing appeasement through a Mideast peace conference.

Comparing that to the attempted appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich before World War II, Gingrich said, "We don't have a peace process. We have a surrender process."

Pastor John McTernan argues for Christian support for Israel with a protester.

Last year's CUFI Summit reviewed here.

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