Fascists Disrupt "Totalitarian Islam's Threat" at UCLA. Revelations of Dr. Daniel Pipes & Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan at UCLA April '07

Discourse revealing autocratic, repressive elements in Islamist culture and politics were validated as Islamists were joined by far-leftists to attempt to squelch ideas of experts Prof. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Wafa Sultan, and Dr. Yaron Brook. (Uncivil disruption begins at 1:20 min point in video).

Daniel Pipes appears on Al Jazeera to discuss Bush's speech, contradicting one disrupter's branding Dr. Pipes 'a liar' about claiming to have appeared on TV channel, al-Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera did an episode of Behind the News last Saturday on Bush's silly big speech. Jumana al-Nimour hosted, with Shibley Telhami, Mohammed al-Sayid Said (al-Ahram Center), and Daniel Pipes the guests.

Search Democracy Broadcasting for video of Muslims-disrupting, Dr. Pipes' 'Helping Palestinians toward peace'lecture at UC Irvine.

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