Militant Muslims Disrupt Pipes' Palestinian Peace Talk at U Cal, Irvine

Exploiting American speech-freedoms while stifling it in others, Muslim students at posh U Cal Irvine spew vitriol in disrupting of Dr. Daniel Pipes lecture to Hillel students on Islamist war to conquer Israel.

The Muslim disrupters reflect a demogogic inculcation of victimhood and persecution- ironic since that has been the history of Muslim culture against ethnic minorities (such as Jews) and inconsistent with the fact that Arabs in Israel receive the highest standard of living in the entire Middle East.

Dr. Pipes's supporters applaud the departure of the pre-planned protestors (thoughe the protestors were videotaped outside pronouncing their role in Global Jihad / Holy War to establish Islamic rule over Israel and everywhere Muslims live).

What organization radicalizes these students to blind rage against the esteemed Professor Pipes? What is their goal? How are they monitored? How are faculties complicit? How is the west safeguarding itself against Muslim cultural supremacists, cloaked in racist-guilt mongering ?

More analysis & discussion about the meaning of the action may be found here on Daniel Pipes' Blog:

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