Elie Wiesel at U.N.: "Shame on Ahmadinejad"

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  1. In the spirit of Dr. Wiesel' model of publicly exposing anti-Semitism:

    More Mel Gibsons Among Us? By Russ Wellen

    Even if it was just the booze talking, I was shocked to hear that Mel Gibson had said: "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." If a prominent and relatively cosmopolitan person like Mr. Gibson can harbor such thoughts down deep inside, what opinions might the average, middle-class American hold in the recesses of his or her own mind?

    We are inured to the presence of a small number of neo-Nazis among us. We are accustomed to the rants that emerge periodically from the mouth of Minister Lewis Farrakhan. But are we at all prepared for the possible emergence of widespread anti-Semitism in the United States?